Unable to read SURFACE TYPE value?

Is A:SURFACE TYPE (Aircraft Misc. Variables) locked down to a certain SimObject category or simply not able to be read outside of the user SimObject?

I’m trying to read this value in a scenery SimObject so that I can tie my snow berms into the Snow Depth slider, which I feel is a more proper solution than using month of year or temperature. However, my SimObject seems to be able to read that the value is there, but it is completely ignoring the value and stays hidden the entire time.

Now, I know from experience that you cannot write anything with a scenery SimObject, but I have yet to run into a situation where a value cannot be read…

Am I missing something or is this just another dead-end limitation?
(I have double checked that the object actually shows up using code tied to temperature)

    <Include ModelBehaviorFile="Asobo\Common.xml"/>
    <Component ID="Snow_Berm" Node="berm">
        <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Visibility">
                (A:SURFACE TYPE, Enum) 8 ==

Hello @Rotornut44

The base surface type is written for all SimObject types but only user aircraft will take surface condition like water or snow into account in the returned value.
So that’s a limitation from the current design.