Update Parking-Spots

All parking spots in MSFS to require an extra 6m Radius around themself to
support the Groundvehicles. There are two issues comming with this: - Spots
now tend to overlap, so only one of them can be used by AI. → Not all spots
will be used, not every airplane can spawn - To place them in the realworld
locations they have been reduced in size. → Spots can not be used by all
types of airplanes (Example Dubai has no spaces at the terminal for the A380)
Idea: - Remove the 6m Radius from all spots, there is still enough space at
each spot to place the vehicles - Update the default parking radius to closer
to real world values -- GA_SMALL = 5.1m -- GA_MEDIUM = 10.3m -- GA_LARGE =
15.1m (if used for jets then see gates) -- GATE_SMALL = 19.1m -- GATE_MEDIUM
= 24.1m -- GATE_LARGE = 31.1m (or 40.1m) This will make sure that by default
all 3rd party airports developed by the SDK use the same sizes as well
Specific values can be found in the AIG_AircraftDB (will be provided on