Updating World Update Handcrafted Airports


There is a long-standing bug with KATL on runway 10/28 with the WU2 handcrafted version airport which has been annoying me for a while:

Now, if I were to update this airport to remove the terraforming issue, does it update the WU2 handcrafted version, or the default autogenerated version?

I don’t think it would, as to my knowledge, you can’t terraform in the World Hub. Even if you could, the developer(s) of the bespoke version could decide to do an entirely new version of the airport and ignore the underlying default airport. I really don’t like that approach, and think that the proper way to do a bespoke airport is to put as much as you can in the default and use the downloadable package only for custom models and textures. But a lot of times, we simply don’t see that.