Use of an Asobo Sound Pack

May I please use one of the Asobo Soundpacks for my plane? Because I am using
it’s click sounds on LVars (special local animations) of switches and levers,
it would need to be in the folder with the panel XML. Would this be ok? Asobo
makes a profit on it, we are partners, so this would be a financially good
thing. I wish to make sure this would be OK with Team Asobo. Kind regards,
Bill Ortis Lionheart Creations

Great question for Asobo, Lionheart. I wondered this too as we have some port
over planes that we just do not want to create an entire sound pack for. And
since we both sell in the MS store this is profit for them as well.

Hello @lyonhaart001 I’m afraid that’s not something we are able to answer
here. That’s a question you want to ask to your partnership program contact.
Regards, Sylvain

Many thanks, Sylvain.