User has bizarre flying behaviour - aircraft unflyable. Any idea what might cause this?

This is a very rare problem with our aircraft, but two users have reported
that whenever they try to take off, the aircraft abruptly pitches up, turns
over and crashes uncontrollably. 99% of users have no problem. This person is
a long-time sim user, and knows his way around, which is why we’re asking. We
can’t replicate the issue, and this behaviour wasn’t present during out
testing or that of MSFS ingestion. Any ideas what might be causing this?

And you have tried removing community folde, disconnecting peripherals and
removing other market place aircraft. Due to some devs reusing adobo template
names etc.

It not as simple as the flight model being set to legacy in their settings is

Probably … this happens all the time with “Unflyable” reports on a perfectly
good FDE :slight_smile:

If it’s a taildragger, they might be pushing the yoke/stick full forward and
stalling the tail