Using wave file for avionics sounds

Hi team, Can you please confirm sounds used with wave files can be used for
avionics sounds? I have successfully used avionics sounds defined in the Wwise
sound bank (with WwiseData parameter set to true) and I have successfully used
wave file sounds for other usage in the sound.xml file, for example in using
them with a SimVar. All worked fine. But as soon as I try to use a wave
defined sound in the avionics section, it doesn’t play. Here is an extract of
my sound.xml showing the problem:

I confirm MyTestSound.wav is in the sound folder, it is in the VFS and it is
16-bit PCM. it plays when used with a SimVar sound but not in avionics, when
using playInstrumentSound. Did I miss something? Thanks, Eric

Following, interested

I got mine working with the following.

Then calling it in panel.xml

            TAWS TEST

Hello Captain, Thanks for sharing your successful experience. I’m happy it
works for you but what I am trying to do is slightly different. I am trying to
play specific cockpit sounds from my JavaScript code that manages my
instruments and systems. For example, if my code detects an alert, it must
play the associated sound. A function exists for this (in a JavaScript
provided by Asobo) and it works fine to play avionics sounds, except in the
specific situation of having them declared as wave files.

Hey, my code is for a .wav file but I might be missing the crucial bit of
understanding. :slight_smile:

Apologies if there’s some reason you need to use ‘AvionicSounds’ but I have
‘SimVarSounds’ as a very useful catchall solution to play wav files from
html/js or model XML attached to a node, e.g. in sound.xml :

and in model XML or html/js I toggle L:SOUND_CABLE_RELEASED 0/1 each time I
want to play the sound. In this example my “NodeName” is the cockpit radio as
the WAV is an audio recording of a radio message but the idea is general and
TBH once in the cockpit I haven’t found the actual node used that critical
e.g. my loud KALONK cable break sound is linked to the (convenient) radio node
rather than the cable hook under the seat but no-one seems to notice.

I thought about this solution. I was just thinking that using a JS function to
play a sound was more elegant, but as it does not work, I will probably change
my strategy. Thanks for sharing.

For naming I use


where the wav file is typically soundname.wav. So a JS routine
play_sound(“soundname”) is pretty clean.