Vector Placement tool: Default Objects not following ground with Terraforming?

Hello, In my scenery I created a terraforming polygon to finetune the ground
underneath my 3D facility (to avoid having areas of the facilities floating) I
also created a fence around my area using the Vector Placement Tool and the
Default MSFS fences objects. In Dev Mode, the fences show correctly and follow
the ground as you can see in the screenshot. With the installed scenery,
sometimes I load the flight and the fences near the terraforming area sink,
other times I load the flight and the fences in this area float (as in the
screenshot). Now in the vector placement tool, I suppose we presume that the
object follows the default terrain and we did not include the condition of
Terraforming? In fact, there is no option to Snap To Ground the objects that
are placed with the Vector Tools as we can do if these objects are placed
individually. And I wonder if such an option solves this issue? Thanks Michel

Check this thread:

Thanks, we will wait for SU10 to fix this then