Vernonia airport declined - feedback

My submission for Vernonia (05S) was declined due to too many parking spots This airport is known for fly-in and camp-in. In the sim, it is a spot in which many users may want to spawn in and do bush flying. What is the standard in this regard?

It was also declined due to the runway being longer than the marked area. As far as the runway, look at the chart supplement - the runway is actually much longer than marked, however, the note “road 10 feet from runway (27) end” is also telling. It is useable outside the marked area, especially for takeoff. Again, grass strips are “dirty,” there is no cut-and-dry way to do this. So if there’s going to be a standard set, that needs to be more than clear.

Here’s a video demonstrating use of the runway (27 in particular) for takeoff prior to the markings:

Here is another video demonstrating full use of runway 27 for takeoff:

I actually think I made it too small, as runway 9 is also used for takeoff prior to the markings. The distance listed in the chart supplement fits the entire length of the field from about 10’ from the road (27) or fence (9).

Here is another: