VGDS will come?

Hi. Are there any plans for VGDS implementation in the future (which is almost
as important as docking jetways)? Just wondering, as there are no solutions
for doing that right now.

If we got a simvar for we could make a decently working one that didn’t have
to rely on the marshal scripts. I’ve seen the Gatwick freeware scenery uses
LODs as a workaround for its great VGDS, but that relies on graphics settings
so it isn’t very accurate.

A SimVar would be useful for some things, but not for a VGDS, since it should
give you the same informations, regardless which camera you use. Much better
would be having SimVars to check distance and heading from two LatLon points (
the airplane and the VGDS ), but those are not very difficult to do in
C++/C#/WASM using Simconnect. The real thing missing fromt the SDK, which has
been missing from FSX times, and would make developement of any utility that
has a relationship to a specific parking spot, is a SimVar indicating the
parking assigned by the ATC, which of course would work so much better/easier
if it could be linked to the proposed API to access the whole airport data,
without having to read the .BGL files directly (which might be encrypted or,
in case of WASM, outside your package, thus inaccessible) That suggestion is
currently #1 on the Ideas section:

I mostly agree with you. I think a properly done VDGS needs aircraft ICAO
name, gate number, accurate position of the plane’s main exit in distance and
angle relative to the simobject? It would also be nice to have a way to set
the assigned gate number to make it easier to test it. For freeware I’d be
very happy with a way to get just accurate distance, because the jetways on my
airport only lifts and extends (t-bridge), so the plane needs to park
accurately. I can do sideways deviation indication with fresnel material. I’d
even settle for a viewsize variable like used for LODs, just without the
graphics settings adjustment. In this more basic situation I’d be okay with
only getting correct indication from the cockpit cam as it’s easy to park it
correctly from the outside anyway. A basic implementation like this would work
at any parking spot without getting lucky with the ATC system and is quick to
set up for people like me who hasn’t ventured into external modules yet.

It would great to get an “official” answer on this. I believe this is
important, as it would introduce a lot of dynamic content around terminal
gates. The perfect way would be to get a ready-to-implement (but customizable)
solution. Note, that VGDS has to take into account at least an airplane type,
and a nose wheel position (and be bound to the specific stand number).

Hello. There are no plans to implement or provide a way for you to implement
such systems at the moment. Regards, Asobo / Sylvain

It’s already possible to build proper VDGS devices, but simulating all the
internal states is a lot of work that will seriously test your determination.
I am currently wrapping up a highly configurable VDGS system that supports all
kinds of visual models and all key configuration options of the real system.
Works for both the user and AI traffic. If you are interested in using it in
your projects, drop an email to

Hi guys / Sylvain @FlyingRaccoon Several months have passed but the question
still remains. Are there perhaps any new thoughts regarding this basic
feature? I do emphasize - a BASIC feature, at least for airline pilots
at airports with active jetways. Or should we really consider using third-
party plugins for this? From our experience - this is NOT a good solution and
with a variety of issues. We do not need a fully-100%-realistic VGDS right now

  • just simple placeable objects displaying info leading to the stop points,
    which can be added to sceneries and perhaps later updated by Asobo with more
    functionality. This is really important stuff for docking operations indeed.

If you just want a simple Docking System without the requirement to be 100%
realistic, you can easily make one with the existing XML behaviors, just make
a fake marshaller. Aerosoft used that method in their free Paderborn scenery.

Hi. Since over a year has passed since the question was initially asked, I
wonder if anything changed in regard to such a basic sim feature as VGDS, or
is the GSX the only “universal” way to go?