VGDS will come?

A SimVar would be useful for some things, but not for a VGDS, since it should
give you the same informations, regardless which camera you use. Much better
would be having SimVars to check distance and heading from two LatLon points (
the airplane and the VGDS ), but those are not very difficult to do in
C++/C#/WASM using Simconnect. The real thing missing fromt the SDK, which has
been missing from FSX times, and would make developement of any utility that
has a relationship to a specific parking spot, is a SimVar indicating the
parking assigned by the ATC, which of course would work so much better/easier
if it could be linked to the proposed API to access the whole airport data,
without having to read the .BGL files directly (which might be encrypted or,
in case of WASM, outside your package, thus inaccessible) That suggestion is
currently #1 on the Ideas section: