View/Camera Events

Hi all, Most (all?) events in the View/Camera Events section of the
documentation aren’t working. Would it be useful to nuke everything and start
over fresh in there? It’s difficult and frustrating to plan features and
having to figure out what’s legacy and what’s new. Thank you Keven

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Hello, It’s an area of the code that we’ve been wanting to work on for months.
We should have a resource available for that in the upcoming weeks. We’ll do
our best to clean up the documentation, keep the functional events in there
with a proper description, remove the deprecated ones, and see what we can do
to fix the others. Thanks for your understanding, Alyzée

Anything further on this? I see that the descriptions are still blank and
which ones don’t work? this is 27.13 SDK docs (SDK19.1) VIEW_AUX_05 | | |

From my testing, all the camera events are legacy and do not work.

Thanks, I’m now reviewing the Camera Variables in the Sim Variables section of
the SDK.

Bump (+ 5 months)

did this ever happen? I’m wanted to add camera / view functionality to my MSFS
app … where do I start , none of the API calls have worked for me, simple
VIEW_RESET doesn’t work.

Nope, camera events are still broken.

Can we please have a ASOBO comment on this issue. More than 2 years after
release the SDK documentation for Programming APIs is useless and does not
tell which Event IDs are working and which are not working. Is there any plans
to improve this?

@FlyingRaccoon what’s the plan with these?

They still don’t work, now I appreciate this might be by design… but having them still in the SDK without being marked as non functional / deprecated would be useful…

I am really looking forward to find ways to move my cameras at will for my aircraft, still unable, and I am looking forward for anything in the SDK that could let me achieve this result, even if I could move the drone camera at will would be useful, I gather this is not possible either?


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Waaaaah it’s been 616 days already since this post was created!

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Staying hopeful, even though patience isn’t exactly my middle name.