Visual Effects Editor - Support for LocalVars

Happy to see the new visual effects editor was added in the latest update! It
seems quite a bit more powerful than the legacy system from my initial
experiments. I see that it is possible to read SimVar values, which is very
useful. However, it would be nice to have the same option for LocalVars.

I would expand the proposal to “all kinds of variables, not only AIRCRAFT
type”. Currently no way to get E:ABSOLUTE TIME or P:SIMULATION RATE for

This is now possible using the Graph Parameter

I’m sorry if this is already answered elsewhere but I didn’t find any:

Visual Effects Examples

GraphParamName: This is the name of the Model Behavior parameter to
retrieve the value from. Does it mean this limits the use of the
GraphParamName only when using an effect attached to a 3D model, itself having
an entry in its behaviors so that the effect can be driven from it? If so,
what about driving the fx with ANY simvar regardless of any object?