VR culling small objects on the aircraft depending on field of view

Version: SU14

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Low

Context: Community or Market place, dev move or not… and inside VR

Bug description:

Small objects on the aircraft get culled out of the view in VR mode, in this case the
wing vortexes.

Repro steps:
Load FSR500 with VR and turn your view towards the wings like in the video:

You will notice how the wing vortex disappear when the use looks at the wing and reappear when comes back to the front view, this causes discomfort for the VR Users, so ideally we would like the objects to stay in the view rather than having this visual glitch.

Is there anything we can do from our side? if so what? if not can Asobo investigate way to mitigate this and advise?

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Bump, any ideas on this? :slight_smile:

Hello @SimbolFSReborn

I was about to review it.
This is not just in VR, you’ll have the same result with a wide FOV.
The rendering engine culls objects it considers too small.

Are all these tiny vortex generators individual objects in your GLTF by any chance?
If so, please try to group them in a single mesh and check if the problem still occurs.


Hi Sylvain,

I see, ok I will try that and see if that helps and report back. Thanks for the suggestion, will do it for LOD0 and LOD1 only since that is where they matter realy.


Do you have a good reason not to group them?
Because this is also more efficient for rendering in general.

It just didn’t occur to me lol.


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