WASM Facility Subscription Does Not Return Region

I have been working a little with the WASM facility API. I would like to
subscribe to all of the VHF navaids in the vicinity of the aircraft, and get
some detailed information about them. If I subscribe with
SimConnect_SubscribeToFacilities_EX1, then I would like to request more
detailed information with SimConnect_RequestFacilityData_EX1 (after having
previously set up a VOR definition with all of the data I desire). The problem
is that the SIMCONNECT_DATA_FACILITY_VOR provided in the list from
SimConnect_SubscribeToFacilities_EX1 does not give the region of the navaid,
which I then seemingly require for SimConnect_RequestFacilityData_EX1 . The
documentation suggests that if region is left empty all the of the matching
facilities will be returned, but in-fact only a subset of the facilities are
returned without a region code. The question is how to call
RequestFacilityData using the information given by SubscribeToUtilities? It
would be nice if both SimConnect_SubscribeToFacilities_EX1 and
SimConnect_RequestFacilityData_EX1 would provide the region, and for
terminal navaids also the airport ident. Both of those pieces of information
are available in the JS facility API. I also note an issue in the
documentation for the VOR type:

ILS facilities give type 4, not type 6 as the docs suggest, amongst others.
Instead the type seems to match the vorClass type in the JS API

Hi Can you check in the Icao field, both information should be in there. This
is a char[9] field where:

  • Ident is located from 0 to 5
  • Region is located from 6 to 9

Best Regards Maxile / Asobo

Ah, that makes a lot of sense, and yes, it does work for VORs. For ILS/LOC the
region is empty (as in JS API as well… they are attached to an airport
instead). I can retrieve the VOR/DME navaids fine now with RequestFacilityData
using that region encoded in the Icao, but ILS/LOC with blank region do not
work… I get an empty list back. If I hardcode the region in my
RequestFacilityData call for those, I do receive them. Using the region
encoded in Icao field of SubscribeToFacilityData result list, ILS (IDN, IMN)
returns empty result:

If I
hardcode the region in my RequestFacilityData call to NZ the ILS are