Is GpsInfo supposed to work in C++/Wasm ? The header is included in the legacy
section. I’m trying to read the current active GPS FlightPlan, like can be
done in FSX/P3D. … #include … static GPS_INFO* gpsinfo = NULL; static
GPS_INFO* gpsrequest = NULL; … if (!gpsinfo) { MODULE_VAR var;
initialize_var_by_name(&var;, GPS_INFO_PANEL_VARIABLE_NAME); gpsinfo =
(GPS_INFO*)var.var_ptr; } if (gpsinfo) { size = gpsinfo->dwSize; num_wpts
= gpsinfo->lWpCounts; } The gpsinfo pointer is assigned a value when using
initialize_var_by_name(). But as soon as I try to get the size or number of
waypoints from it, the gauge just freezes in the sim. If this is supposed to
work, can it be put on the to-do list to be fixed in the next update ?

Hello @QWErnie , Indeed, this is a known issue on our side that will be fixed.
Thanks for reporting :wink: Regards, Boris

Great ! Thanks Boris.