WASM module broken in SU 10 beta..... is there a better way?

Our WASM module appears to be broken in the SU 10 beta. FSUIPC is hit too.
Same thing. Is there any chance Asobo can create a better system for LVAR
handling so we don’t need to rely on creating WASM modules for the job.

I think you will need to be more specific about your problem. I use heavily
WASM on all my projects, I am in SU10 and all my wasm modules on 5 different
projects are working as expected… Best, R.

Hi, Can you provide us, at least, your package and ideally your project
(source code) so we can find the issue. Right now, there is nothing we can do
because we have no information about the problem:

  • Did your wasm file work on SU9? On previous SU10b build?
  • Did you change something recently?

Something might be broken but as Simbol said, lots of wasm modules work well.
So, we will really need more data to be able to fix it. Best Regards Maxime /