WASM module compiled in debug configuration - Issue

We’ve hit an development issue since SU6 where if a module is compiled as
debug in VS, and the project is rebuilt, it seems that all if/else statements
in the wasm code are ignored. If the sim is restarted, then issue goes away
until the project is rebuilt again. Compiling the module as release does not
cause this issue. Known? Is this due to not having an updated SDK for SU6?

Hi Jim, This is neither a known bug or something the SDK update can fix (i.e.
if confirmed it will require a sim EXE update) - we’ll investigate and report
here. Are you getting the sim to compile “normally” or in “Fast WASM mode”?
(not that it should make any difference with the specific problem you are
reporting but I’d like to make sure we’re testing stuff under the same
circumstances as you are). Apologies for the trouble. Best regards, Eric /

Hi Eric, this was observed when using the normal mode, as opposed to the ‘Fast
WASM Mode’. We are currently installing and testing this issue with the 15.0
SDK update.