WASM StandaloneModule does not operate as part of the panel on Xbox

TouchingCloud - Ka10M project [MS marketplace] We just received the next
update of our add-on for the testing but WASM script, which was included into
the Carrier Controls panel, works on PC but not Xbox. This script requests
nearby SimObjects and alters their variables, nothing really complicated but
some C++ math libs were included. Just for testing purposes, I have tried to
use an aircraft with WASM script installed as gauge (it uses pretty same code
and libs included) and it worked fine, so it’s something with the panel
specifically. Are there any known limitations compared to the PC version of
the sim?

@thealx, Are you sure the WASM DLC has already been updated with the latest
version of your standalone module? There’s usually a delay between the
availability of the package and that of the module in the DLC - your Microsoft
contact would certainly be able to tell you more about it. There should be no
difference between PC & Xbox for your standalone module - if you get
confirmation that the DLC is already up to date, we will have to investigate.
Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Yes, that was the first thing I did. Also PC version has this WASM script
working properly (by the way this module were included to the package for the
first time so never released before). And I am sure Xbox get latest project
version as new panel UI elements did appear properly. Steve: I was able
to confirm that the WASM DLC for this round was completed and the Ka was
included in that batch.

@EPellissier my apology, after another test today everything works as
expected. Unlikely it was some change on the MS side (add-on wasn’t updated)
so probably a weird glitch. Thank you for your time.