Water runway taxiway errors - "point not linked to main graph". How to make a water runway?

I’m trying to add a water runway and a GA_Dock connected to it, to my airport
project. I can’t get rid of the “point not linked to main graph” error. I have
created a GA_Dock start, connected it to a taxi point with PARKING path, then
this point connected to paths to 2 HOLD points and they are connected to the
RUNWAY path that is linked to a transparent runway placed on the water. All of
my taxiway points show the same “not linked to main graph” error. It seems
that everything that SDK requires is there. Of course, I can’t even save the
project because of the error. What am I doing wrong?

To me it looks like you have another taxi path linked to another taxi parking
(in the Apron group). If that is so, it must be linked to your runway taxi
path. In my experience, all taxiway paths must be linked together to avoid the
dreaded “point not linked to main graph” error.

Yo are correct. I resolved it yesterday by connecting it by a long path to my
main airport. Also I had to use “hold_nodraw” point to get rid of the