.wav files not activating on multiple leg bush trips?

I have set up a bushtrip it appears the .wav files go silent after landing at
the first leg airport of a bush trip. Is there a fix or workaround available,
or is this a bug that needs to be fixed?

Definitely confirmed this is a bug with someone else doing missions and on a
discord post. Wav/TTS files do not activate after completing the first leg of
a multileg bush trip. Hopefully, this can be fixed in an update.

Hello @FunkyUnc, can you please confirm that this is a 16-bit .wav file?

Thanks for getting back to me. The bit rate is 384kbps on the .wav files. I am
using Audacity to convert MP3 to Wav files. The Wav files work fine on the
first leg of a multi leg trip. When I do a single trip that starts and
finishes at the same airport, with no additional legs, multiple .wav files
play fine during the trip.

Hello. @SonantAlpaca meant you need to export your wav in one of those 2
formats: “Signed 16-bit PCM” or “Microsoft ADPCM”
If that’s the case, can you show
us the content of your mission file please? Regards, Sylvain

@FlyingRaccoon Thanks. I’ll see if I can muster up an example. I just changed
my directive on these missions and broke them up until the issue is addressed.

Also, DialogActions with TTS are not triggered by ProximityTriggers after the
first leg.

Each Action inside of a ProximityTrigger is not working for me after first
leg. Tested with: DialogAction, instructorDialogAction, CountAction,
MissionFailure, ObjectActivation, ResetTimer, AdjustTimer, AdjustPayload.

@FlyingRaccoon any updates on the issue?

If you can provide a mission the produces the bug, we can investigate.

Trips to reproduce are already provided to the devs. This should also be
included or linked in internal bug db since Nov21. It is pretty simple. Create
a trip with a DialogAction in Leg 1 and Leg 2, add a soundfile to both. Leave
the trip after leg 1. No more sound is played in any further leg. Investigated
this with filemon from sysinternals shows, the Sim is looking for the sound
files in the LocalState\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES\ folder instead of the missions
folder in community or official. Maybe you want to have a look to
OneShotSoundaction, too. OneShotSound is not working on any leg

Got the same issue and happy to provide mission files.

Can we please have a fix for this issue? It is still present in the latest SDK

Hello, An issue has been made on our side. No ETA for the fix at this time but
we will keep you updated Regards, Boris

Please reach out if you want any source missions to replicate.

Thank you @OzWookiee , I created one and could reproduce the issue but if we
need another package I will ask you :wink:

More than one year later… “we will keep you updated”… sooo. any update?