WAV Sound in XML

I am currently trying to add a few missing sounds to a WWISE sound set

the sound pac works fine but one or two sounds were omitted … For example I need to add a Stick Shaker Sound using a WAV Stored in the \sound folder, triggered by the Stall Warning (Or an L var) .

Based on advice given by an experienced WWISE programmer we have come up with the following code section But Alas … there is no sound being played :frowning:

<Sound WwiseData="false" WwiseEvent="STALL_WARNING" FileName="SHAKER" Continuous="true"  NodeName="AP_Altimeter_Knob" SimVar="STALL_WARNING">
<Range LowerBound="1" />

could anyone enlighten me please as to the correct Syntax and or formatting ???


Assuming this is in the < SimVarSounds > section the simvar does not have an underscore
should be

Many thanks … I will try that now

No … that still isnt working …

The line is in the and the Shaker.Wav is in the sound folder
There s nothing clear in the SDK :frowning:

For ‘continuous’ sounds I prefer control over the volume and pitch although in your case if you’re really limiting your requirement to a 0…1 boolean like “STALL WARNING” it’s more than you want. FWIW here’s a complete working entry from sound.xml for a sound file “glider_wind.wav”:

	<Sound WwiseEvent="STALL_WARNING" ViewPoint="Inside" Wwisedata="false" FileName="glider_wind">
		<PitchCurve SimVar="AIRSPEED TRUE" Units="knots">
		  <Point SimValue="0" Output="1" />
		  <Point SimValue="20" Output="1.1" />
		  <Point SimValue="100" Output="2" />
		<VolumeCurve SimVar="AIRSPEED TRUE" Units="knots">
		  <Point SimValue="0" Output="0" />
		  <Point SimValue="20" Output="1" />
		  <Point SimValue="60" Output="2" />
		  <Point SimValue="100" Output="30" />

with your inputs and some serious digging I have it sorted…
For anyone interested here is a snippet ----
inside the <SimVarSounds> Section

		<Sound WwiseData="False" WwiseEvent="STALL_WARNING" FileName="STALL_HORN" SimVar="STALL WARNING" Units="bool">
			<Range LowerBound="1" />

WwiseData="False" signifies that the sound is NOT Built into the sound pack but must reside in the sound folder as in WAV format

`WwiseEvent=“STALL_WARNING” is a generic term that Must use an existing WWISE EVENT from within the sound pack

FileName="STALL_HORN" Indicates the File name of the WAV

SimVar="STALL WARNING" Units="bool"> Signifies the Sim Var to be interrogated and that it is a Boolean

<Range LowerBound="1" /> Uses the Boolean when Positive

Thanks for the assistance posters!

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