Waypoint defined in approach but seems undefined

I was planning an arrival on LFMN (Nice Côte d’Azur) on runway 04L, using the
RNAV 04L Z approach through MUS. Everything was looking fine, except for the
FN04L waypoint. This waypoint is part of the RNAV 04L Z approach, defined with
its ICAO, which is OK, but it seems it is not defined in the database. I am
saying this because I wasn’t able to get its coordinates using its ICAO code.
For instance, I tried this very simple piece of JS code:

        instrument.facilityLoader.getFacility(icao).then((f) => {
            if (f) {
            else {
                console.log("ERROR: Facility not found");

If I use the ICAO that is defined in the approach, that is WLFLFMNFN04L, I
always get the error message which seems to prove this ICAO is not present in
the database. If I search for FN04L, the only point I find is WPAPANNFN04L
waypoint, which is thousands of miles away from LFMN… For information, here
is an extract of the approach map showing where this FN04L waypoint is:

Did I mess something here?

Additional information: this screenshot shows FN04L is in the LFMN/RNAV 04 L Z
approach, but I can’t find its

This sounds much like the same issue here:
with-some-3rd-party-airports.html> (LFMN is mentioned in one the comments)

Hello @ericmarciano As @saschl mentioned, this is issue is already being
tracked. It’s caused by an error in the airport configuration (waypoint
deletion flag enabled) and will be fixed in a future update. Regards, Sylvain

I didn’t think the problem was the same because I use no third-party airport
in LFMN. I even removed everything in my Community folder and the problem
still occurs.

There is a custom LFMN included in World Update IV. If you have that installed
I think it triggers this issue.