Weather API for external use

Hello, one Question to the Devs: Are there all Data needed to display Weather
Radar on a B737-800 Nav Display available ?

Refer to The answer is still
unfortunately no.

There is not even an “internal” version of Weather API so still long way to go
3 years after the release. We hope Microsoft will come to some sort of
conclusion with MeteoBlue regarding this topics.

How is PMDG creating the Weather Radar ?

Hello, still anyone here ??

@mroschk, Please have a look at this section of the documentation:
There’s also an SDK sample called MapViewAircraft which demonstrates how to
use this API. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

So it seams there is all vailable to create a Weather Radar internally and
externally too…

kindof odd this is in WASM but not in html/js, IMHO.

The Bing Maps feature in HTML/JS gauges provides equivalent functionality, and
was available a couple of years before the WASM counterpart.

They are not. The WXR API provided by Asobo is incomplete and unrealistic. I
suggest you watch this video to understand why that is the case:

As far as everyone is aware, there is not such thing in the documentation of
the SDK (Bing map weather, etc.). I have seen some weather implementation in
the WT Units, but again nobody knows how is done, etc. I think the OP is
asking for official ways and documentations to do this “Externally”. By
externally it could mean via modules such as SimConnect, etc. which I believe
is not possible at the moment. Best, Raul