Weight and balance - allow it to receive updates to A vars ie Payload station weights

Trying to change the payload station weights outside the W and B screen, does
not reflect the change. If I change via javascript or simvar watcher
(simconnect) the A var gets updated, however the W and B screen does not.
Please provide functionality where an A var is changed and the W and B gets
updated. Would be nice to say weather too.

Still occur in SU12, can we have a fix for this ?

Only fuel will update and Weight & Balance has never worked. So I vote this up
to be fixed. We have to block the user from using the widget W&B; screen by
using an update code from our tablet. Because if the user were to change from
the widget then our set events without an update code they will get tricked
and the weight will show false value causing the plane to be over weight
without their knowledge and crash on takeoff. We were glad to catch this and
prevent it by using an update code. So for those reading this I suggest for
now you use an update code for your W&B; custom events. This works good for

@Flysimware Currently I found that setting any
payload station from js or wasm will result in the broken default dialog. Are
you suggesting a workaround using an update block in XML? Are you saying that
as long as we trampoline the update (the same payload stations vars) that the
sim will see the change? Very curious what you got working here, many users
request automatic weight management and this really blocks that being

@davux3 Yes I have xml code that uses the Asobo
update template and we have every station based on our Lvars. So if someone
tries to use the widget the widget will update only the visual display on the
widget and not the actual simvars for the payload. So this way the customer
can never use both and can only change the payload using our tablet. And the
tablet also shows them the actual simvars weight.

Note that there’s an issue even with the fuel - if you update multiple tanks
via SimVar, then go to change one of the tanks in W&B;, all the others get
reset to their default values.