Changing the station weight values via an xml code OR a javascript gauge, a
tablet in this case, DOES NOT update the Weight and Balance menu UI. It works
for fuel, it updates the UI Live, but changing the weight of any payload,
including Pilots, doesnt update the UI. The var DOES change, verified with
Simwatcher. Checked a few planes with wieht menus in their tablets, and
indeed, all suffers from the same problem. SU11 Beta (but might have been
there before) 1- Change any (A: PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT) via code 2-VarWatcher
updates live 3-Weight and Balance UI DOES NOT update live (closing a opening
the menu doesnt fix it) 4-FUEL isnt affected by this issue

This bug has been around for a long time and has been reported at least once
before on this forum. As one of the developers who has multiple aircraft with
integrated tablets that have payload options built in, I would LOVE to see
it addressed!

+1 on this… this has been a bug for a while now!

Hello @Leprechaulive @MV-JimStewart @runshotgun , I was able to reproduce this
issue and created a ticket on our end, I’ll let you know when I know more,
Regards, Boris

Is there any update on this at all? It might be related to my questions here:

This bug was reportd like 2 years ago

How about…

Instead of deleting my posts, start fixing 2+ year old issues that keep getting reported over and over again and maybe your community will stop trashing you about not reading the forums… Just a thought.