What edits are allowed outside the airport boundary?

What edits are allowed outside the airport boundary? If any. Or should anything be in the airport boundary only?

For example: Outside the airport boundary, there is an ugly white cloud imagery. Can I patch it with an “Apron” polygon with some tinting?

Or a house/building obstructing the final approach path?

I have added, modified, or removed vegetation on the approach path and around the field.
I have covered clouds or other imperfections in the aerial with aprons and/or vegetation.
I have added aprons to roads in the vicinity of the field when they appeared to be helpful for orientation.
Never got a single complaint, let alone the dreaded DECLINED.



Totally allowed :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want to try the limits (both of the technology and of the mod’s tolerance), you could use KHOL to remove all the spurious white buildings covering the dunes in White Sands, New Mexico. :smiley:

I flew there the other day and was quite disappointed that this wonder of nature (and historical landmark) was littered with mis-detected warehouses (or whatever the default non-residential buildings are supposed to be).

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Hehehe :joy:

Or Kansas City to remove all the buildings on the Soy / Maize fields in the whole Midwest. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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