What happens when I run out of votes?

Hello guys, I have a question, what happens when we run out of votes? can we
request a refill? Best, Raul

Then you lose! :smiley:

Lol, surely that’s not the objective here… Votes are there to be used lol

Hello, Every user starts with 20 votes available, and I think you can earn
more along the way by answering and/or commenting questions. If at some point
you run out of votes, we’ll see what we can do to give you more. Bribery is an
option, obviously. (no it’s not :slight_smile: ) Of course, limiting your votes to the
really important matters is the way to go. We already struggle to fit new
features so we really need to focus on the most important ones. Hope it helps!

Thanks Alyzee, Maybe they can refresh every year? 20 votes for a lifetime
seems too short haha. And I am happy to send some chocolates lol. All the
best, Raul

Earth will explode! I changed the configuration so that when an idea is
accepted, completed or refused, votes are returned to users (not decrementing
the vote count though)

Perfect! Many thanks Sylvain… S.

Raul should have unlimited votes!

Unsure how to ask for additional votes - none are being returned to me if an
idea was accepted.

Still no votes returned to me.

@FlyingRaccoon can we have some extra votes
please? we ran out hahaha Best, R.

I believe from before there was bribery involved. Baguettes from Canada!

Since none of my suggestions are “accepted or completed or refused”, I will
never have any more votes it seems. Seems a strange system to me. As a
developer who is selling in the marketplace, I would have thought I could cast
a vote, but what do I know? I bid you adieu.