What to do with the Packages Meta Data?

When building a package, the Market Place Data was always included inside the
Package as part of it. Now it is separate under the PackagesMetadata folder.
What happens when I upload my package to the Market Place? What do you other
developers do? My thinking is to upload a ZIP file with the PACKAGES and
PACKAGESMETADATA folders included to the Market Place and then let them sort
out what they want. I would like to hear what you guys do as this is all new
to me!

Hello @Space.Baron , The PackagesMetadata folder contains all the informations
about Marketplace for your product (Pictures / Product Description / Price …)
If you want to upload it to the Marketplace, I suggest you to build your
package in game via the ‘‘Build and export’’ button. Then you can choose
“Flight Simulator Marketplace”. Your package will be ziped and ready to send
to the Marketplace See the section “Flight Simulator

Regards, Boris

Hi, How about building from outside of the sim? I see that in the main XML
file of the airport there’s now an additional entry.
MetadataFolderName=“PackagesMetadata” So to confirm, before we had
MarketplaceData folder created in: Packages\mkstudios-airport-lirf-
rome\MarketplaceData Now it’s created outside of the Package and called
PackagesMetadata. Should it be placed in the Package? Regards!

Egad… looks like I’ve got a bunch of new stuff to learn about building

Hi Asobo. Any chance that this new metadata directory can cause issues with
building a package? I cleared my existing package ( that was working properly
) and now it won’t compile properly. It’s no longer creating the layout files
or copying the textures over. Anyone else having this issue? Is there no way
to simplify this whole process of exporting and building projects?

Hi @Sherv , Do you build your package in game via the project editor or with
fspackagetool.exe ? What does the console display ?

Hi Boris. I use the project editor . But it looks like the layout.json file is
not getting generated. This just started happening lately and the only thing I
changed was the textures ( using png textures with ALBD, COMP and NORM vs
previously only using wifreframe ALB textures ). I used a layout generator
program to manually create the layout file and then I copied into the
community folder and everything works now. Still a bit confused what I did to
cause the package tool tool to break.

Hey @Sherv , In order not to hijack this question and to better track your
issue, can you ‘‘create a new question’’ and add all the information you
mentioned in it please ? Thanks :slight_smile: Regards, Boris