Where are the water reflections?

Just got wet for the first time, and there’s no reflections of the plane in
the water? It looks pretty horrible, is there a setting I’m missing?

Hello @RoscoHead , I don’t think this is related to the sdk. Therefore, you
need to adjust the setting “WATER WAVES” in the ‘Graphics’ panel

Regards, Boris

Thanks for the reply Boris, however it’s not the resolution of the waves
that’s the issue here - it’s the lack of reflection of the plane, and other
scenery objects, including piers, buildings, boats. The terrain seems to be
reflected, but none of the objects. To show this I set water waves to “high”,
here is the result, still no reflections.

Maybe your Raymarched Reflections is set to Off ? In that case, I suggest you
to put it to Low or better if you can