Where can I find documentation and info about the Events and LVars used in MSFS

I am developing SimConnect Client - WASM software for enabling hardware to
work with different virtual cockpits functions ( switchers, buttons, etc.) . I
use both standard SimConnect K: Events and WASM enabled H: Events and LVars.
Now I have recently learned that ASOBO has introduced other events type line
O:, I:, and B: Events. As not all functions can be triggered via K: and H:
type events, LVars have to be used and these require a lot of code lines and
are very time-consuming to get working correctly. My understanding is that the
new B: Events will ease the coding as a lot of “weird” RNP coding can be
avoided. My question is simple: Where can I find documentation and or info
about these new types of Events that have been introduced to sim?