Which parameters are actually required and which are optional?

The current SDK documentation claims that for instance all the parameters in
the [AERODYNAMICS] section are “required”. Surely that is not the case. If it
was so, what would it then mean when the documentation claims that some of
them have “default” values? If a parameter is required, in what situation
would its default value be used? If it is missing? But then it clearly isn’t
required after all… This needs to be carefully edited to match reality. And
for such parameters that truly are required, could we have some error message
in the console window if it is missing, please? (A warning message for unknown
(misspelled) parameters, or parameters that have wrong type (like a single
scalar when a 2D table is expected) would also be nice.)

Hello, The parameters are currently being properly documented by @Nocturne .
We are doing our best to provide you with a fully documented parameters

Thanks! :heart: