White Checkered Ground Aprons Only With Certain Scenery

We have had a few reports from our scenery about white checkered ground
textures but they are ONLY present when there are some specific addons in the
community folder. We have been able to pinpoint a handful of them but here is
no way for me to troubleshoot other devs work. The issues are %100 gone when
in clean community folder. I firstly need to understand what the white
checkered ground textures mean:

As of now this issue is only present when these specific addons are in users’
comm folder - the issue was always able to get re-created: Salerno Costa
d’Amalfi 1.5 Taburet USA South Roads taburet-scenery-usa-northeast-roads Usa
Midwest Roads from Taburet Simulationextrema: SAWC,SAWH,SAWH This is super
strange. How is it possible these addons so far away and have nothing to do
with LJLJ compete with textures when in the comm folder? Any pointer? thanks