Whole buildings appearing white in snow conditions

Hi. I wonder if there is a solution to whole [custom] buildings appearing
white from a distance in snow conditions? This issue has been there for some
time already. Is this something that can be fixed?

I mean - not only roofs but walls too. As soon as snow coverage becomes 0,
everything gets back to normal.

@Darwikey @FlyingRaccoon I am just wondering if this is a known issue… since
it has been there for at least a year but maybe even since the introduction of
the snow altogether.

Hello @DrzewieckiDesign When your buildings are showing this issue, can you:
- take a picture after enabling the Options → PBR Channel → Normals(world)
and show it here - force the active LOD to higher detailed LODs using the
“Debug LODs” tool and see if this has an influence Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRacoon. Here are the pictures: https://ibb.co/njy9mcT
https://ibb.co/HxYD8RD https://ibb.co/k8hVpqB

Ok, wrong lead then :confused: Can you send us your package or tell us where you see
it if this also happens with Asobo content? Thanks

Well, we see this in many custom-made areas but not with auto-generated
buildings. Can LOD settings influence that? If so - how? The mentioned models
have one LOD.

If some LOD were having wrong normals, it could cause this but this is not
happening in your case. I can’t really tell much without checking a package
that produces the issue.