Why are Livery "ui_variation" Titles missing?

My ui_variation entries are all complete and in the correct format as far as I
can see but WHY is only the “Aloha Airline” one illustrated showing in the
hangar ??

Here are some other
entries from the Aircraft.cfg but only the text for Aloha will display in the
hangar ui_variation = “Great Barrier” ui_variation = “LoganAir” ui_variation =
“Bush Pilots” ui_variation = “Aloha Airline”

Hello @ModelMuncher, With the information you have provided, we are not able
to tell you what is going on in your project. I suggest you look at how the
LiveryAircraft example is done.

Regards, Boris

with respect I am fully aware how these things are done … its nothing more
complex than to complete the aircraft.cfg with the ui_variation = " name"
entry … the point here is … it doesn’t work :wink: what are you suggesting ?
That I send the entire project so you can check a ui_variation= entry ?

Hello @ModelMuncher, Considering the fact that we’re not aware of bugs on this
specific topic, we would indeed need your project to check what’s happening. I
suggest you upload it on the secure platform of your choosing and then share
the link under this comment - don’t forget to select “Viewable by moderators &
original poster” before clicking on the SUBMIT button. This way, only Asobo
will receive your data. Have a good day!

In the same respect, as a developer with over 30 years experience in
Flightsim, I really do not see the need for uploading an entire 3.25 GB
project when the issue is obviously related to a single cfg file ??? IF you
could possibly inform me of ANY other part of a project that could affect
ui_variation entry in the aircraft.cfg I would be happy to send these parts
??? The entries are there… they are properly formatted… they are correctly
ordered … There are no Typing errors… yet they do not appear Furthermore I
have just copied and pasted this line ui_variation = “Matte Blue” ;
Variation name
from your SDK Directly into my aircraft.cfg … IT ALSO
Fails :frowning:

“I really do not see the need for uploading an entire 3.25 GB project when the
issue is obviously related to a single cfg file ???” There’s absolutely no
proof of that. Obviously, the problem is not the formatting of the
ui_variation parameter here. It can come from pretty much anything: project
file structure, other parameters, different asset group organization, side
effect of another problem, etc… Without a package or repro steps to
reproduce the problem, we’re just blind guessing and it’s not efficient. We
don’t need your full 3.5Gb aircraft package, we need a package that compiles
and produces the issue or a list of minimal steps that will produce the
problem. Regards, Sylvain

Last we’ve seen that issue was because the dimensions of the thumbnails were
pushing the title passed the bounding box. Here’s what we use for ours:

thumbnail.jpg: 1618x582
thumbnail_small.jpg: 600x216

Hello @ModelMuncher , We have checked your package and can confirm that the
problem comes from your ‘’ thumbnail.jpg ‘’ files that you need to resize
to 1618x582px to avoid breaking the UI The docs will be updated with this
informations Regards, Boris

May I respectfully suggest that ASOBO Use a STANDARDISED UI and Thumbnail
display system ! Here are three screenshots from a single MSFS Session … as
you can see from the Original Image ( at the bottom ) EACH Screen shows a
different cropping and / or resolution of the Thumbnail.jpg a) From the Hangar
the Tailfins are cut off b) From the Main Menu MAP Selection they are actually
“Almost” correct c) From the Livery selection screen they are Zoomed so much
the aircraft barely fits.

appreciate that people have different views / angles / Artistic design on
these thumbnails but If you see my original post, that particular issue was
caused by Improper sizing and My fault entirely But On advice from @boris_
Here, I remade All thumbnails at the size Instructed " you need to
resize to 1618x582px to avoid breaking the UI"
But alas … it seems the UI
Has broken my correctly sized thumbnails ??? Can I suggest either a SINGLE UI
LAYOUT or at least a “SAFE FRAME” Within the 1618x582 limitation Many

No Answer for this ? My Thumbnails comply with the specifications so why are
they being cropped ?