Why Asobo uses less animation keys

I am aware that animation now uses Percentages. So key range is no longer
important. But I have a few question the SDK did not answer. 1. Do we save on
memory when we use 0-1 keys rather than 0-100 keys for a template that uses
100 animation length? What is the purpose of using less keys? The old rule of
thumb for rotation was you need at least 1 key for every 90 degrees. I found
after testing if you use 2 keys 0-360 using the full 360 animation length it
works. But if you use the new method 0-1 key it does not work. That is why we
see Asobo uses 0-3 key for rotation. So I made a new rule of thumb. RULE OF
Rotation you need 1 key for every 90 degrees unless you match the
animation length.

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