Why does Microsoft Defender SmartScreen always red flag the SDK?

Every time I tried to download the new SDK it is red flagged by Microsoft
Defender SmartScreen. I took the liberty of reporting the file as safe a few
times, but with every new release you need to convince Microsoft Defender
SmartScreen that the file is safe and nothing malicious all over again. I am
simply curious as to why? The Docs and the Samples download just fine, and
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen leave these alone. It only has quite an issue
with the SDK core! Most unusual…

I get that issue with all three parts of the SDK - I always have. Reporting it
makes no difference.

The issue is that those MSIs are not signed - action has been taken to resolve
the issue on our (Microsoft/Asobo) end. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Thanks Eric

Ugh, only now I notice that the simpler samples and the DA62 sample are
separate downloads and .msi installers, in addition to the Core and
Documentation ones. No idea how old the copies that I have been looking at
until now are. Thanks;)

Thanks Eric! Good to know and very much appreciated!