Why is the weather SDK closed to third party developers?

Dear MSFS SDK Q&A; patform, Why is the weather SDK closed to third party
developers? It’s really a shame that you don’t open it and don’t let third-
party developers create weather add-ons. Best regards, Charles

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Hello @Ben-777 Because it would require development and resources that are
dedicated to other simulation and SDK priorities at the moment. Also, in your
other posts, you mentioned the idea of replacing “sky colors and cloud
textures”. You seem to be oversimplifying how this is handled in a modern
rendering engine. The sky colors depend on the atmospheric scattering shader
and the clouds are volumetric and not relying that much on textures. Both of
these depend on each other and also have dependencies with the rest of the
rendering (terrain, indirect lighting on objects, etc…). So what you are
essentially talking about here is allowing people to write their own shaders
or at least expose some of our shaders input or settings to allow some sort of
customization. This is not an easy thing to do, assuming this is possible and
desirable. Also, please keep posting in your original Weather API thread
instead of creating duplicate posts. Thank you. Regards, Sylvain

Hello, Could you add this possibility in the sdk in the future. I would really
like to be able to customise the colors of the atmosphere and it would be
desirable for the 3rd party developers to be able to add cloud textures (such
as cirrus clouds or others). Could you also allow HiFi tech to develop Active
Sky in the future. Kind regards, Charles