Why not release the full SDK documentation?

Hi Developers! After almost a year, the SDK is not complete. A lot of vital
information is missing to make a proper airplane. During this time, the larger
companies have already released more aircraft or are in the process of
developing them. I ask how? I had the suspicion that they favored some market
players because it was obvious that companies like Aerosoft or PMDG were aware
of the full SDK because that was the only way it could produce full pro
aircraft. Why not release the full documentation? This is not a fair with
players or smaller developers either! I vote for the post to come to the fore.
Please release the full SDK How much longer do you have to wait for it? Will I
receive expanded information if I join thepartner program? It would be nice to
get to the lead

Hello @decode :slight_smile: This platform is English-only. Would you please edit your
question by translating it in English? Thanks!

This post written like this … gives an idea of what the MSFS2020 SDK
documentation is. Greetings from Italy.

I’m sorry, I translated :slight_smile:

Hello, “After almost a year, the SDK is not complete” → Indeed :slight_smile: And we’re
working on it, constantly. However, except for the internal-only code-related
documentation that is obviously meant for Asobo developers only, there is only
one documentation for all, and it is the one you get on
https://docs.flightsimulator.com. And we are constantly working on it, to
bring improvements, more data, more screenshots, new guidelines, video
tutorials, etc. We recently improved the Scenery Editor documentation, for
example. We wish to create more content about the Flight Model in the next
months, as well. These things take time though, and we’ll be more than happy
to hear precisely what you need in terms of documentation, to lead us the way
and be more efficient. Have a good day.

I’d really like to know why we can’t get access to the Asobo Devs only SDK…
is there something you’re not telling us?

Hi [@Krazycolin](https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/questions/886/why-not-
release-the-full-sdk-documentation.html#), not at all!

In other words, all our SDK-related documentation is public. And this
DevSupport platform is an additional way to get more information about how it
works - you have noticed that even developers, tech writer, or QA tester are
on it and answer your questions. There’s nothing more than that.

When I said “Internal-only” I didn’t mean that there is a hidden, advanced SDK
documentation. I just meant that our code is documented (like any code … of
course :slight_smile: ) and these ressources are for developers only - as they should be.

I’m gonna edit my previous post to clarify a bit.

Thank you for your exhaustive answer. You wrote "I just meant that our code is
documented and these ressources are for developers only " When I join the
partner program, do I get more information about the developers? So I too
would be a new developer I have been working in game development for 10 years
and I want to start a more serious project but. since there is not enough
information in the SDK my hand is tied. thx

I would like to understand how I could develop and work effectively with sdk
and when? Is it worth it now to put time and money into development if the sdk
is not complete yet? A company can’t build that it will be ready sometime.
Then I let go and devote our resources to another project. But I don’t think
that’s the goal :frowning:

I understand they are working on it, but how much longer will it take to be
used to develop your own aircraft? Another 1 year? This forum is good but, it
is very time consuming if all the answers to my questions here I have to ask
are available until the development. Until then, other companies will release
more flights. How was the CRJ made? DC6? I guess it wasn’t made solely based
on sdk information :slight_smile:

Briefly what we would need is a description of the 2d 3d instruments. This is
what is still empty in the SDK. Please add JS/HTML/CoherentGT documentation in
the SDK C ++ codes with examples. to develop a more comprehensive aircraft.
Thank You.

There isn’t actually any other SDK: the one Asobo uses is the one we all use.
There are some comments in the JS code that get stripped out during
compilation, but those are pretty minimal. Both we and Asobo are working hard
at making the documentation better, and hope to bring a bunch more this year.
-Matt | Working Title

Hi decode, The partner program does not grant additional tools or
documentation. As SonantAlpaca stated, every SDK tool and documentation we
have is public. As for your second comment, the SDK will always be missing
some particular feature so waiting until it’s perfect is not an option. We are
aware we are still missing important features and documentation but we believe
it’s complete enough to create high quality modules and we work hard to
provide what’s missing. Regards, Sylvain

While I appreciate that “Asobo are working hard at making the documentation
better,”, just from a $$$ cost consideration.:- The amount of time (and
resulting cost) that is being wasted by developers struggling without adequate
documentation has got to vastly exceed the cost of creating that much needed
documentation. ? Generally, nobody like to create documentation, but it is a
necessary function, and a lot of the holes and missing sections of the SDK,
might be able to be done by less experienced (lower costing) Devs ?