Will you bring back live reload for models?

Since Sim Update 5 we’ve been unable to see our models refresh automatically
within the sim after exporting. The only way this is currently possible is
either through re-building our project and re-opening it back up in DevMode or
by loading up the GLTF and changing a non-destructive value then hitting save,
and waiting for the model to then refresh in the sim (downside to this is it
doesn’t take into account changes made to textures). Will we see a live reload
feature for models return to DevMode? If not, can I ask you to truly consider
adding this as not only does this significantly reduce the time it takes to
view our models in the sim but also significantly helps reduce workloads.

I got it to work again for me, but it also seems like this method doesn’t work
for everyone. My model library was set as ArtProj type. I made a new asset
group with the type “ModelLib” using the default assetDir and
scenery\wombiiactual\scenery as outputDir. I checked it working by exporting a
default cube and a textured default cube before I copied over all my old
models to the new path. What works for me now: (NOTE: Exporting only works
reliably while in project editor with scenery editor closed)

  • Export a new model, click [build], load assets in scenery editor and see the new model in the object list.
  • Re-export an old model with changed geometry and see the geometry immediately update in msfs.
  • Re-export an old model with changed textures, click [build] and see the updated textures.

What does not work:

  • Having the same texture assigned to different types of texture slots, even in different models (albedo, comp, normal, emissive).
  • Having texture files with the same names. I had a texture file with the same name in a simobject texture folder and a model texture folder. This caused live reloading to fail. Changing the name of the model texture file fixed it again.
  • Having the scenery editor and material editor windows open while exporting may cause it to fail. Only having the project editor open works.

I’m happy with this change as the texture reloading actually works properly
for me now. I only have to close scenery editor and go back to project editor
while doing the export.

ModelLib or Artproj for me makes no difference, doesn’t update unless I drop a
net-new model in and don’t replace an old .gltf. It also needs a new name and
new GUID (through the SU5 pipeline) - then I can realtime update it
thereafter. As for the texture sets - I saw this on some of my models that
call up the same normal or roughness/metallics file. This is a HUGE draw
back…having the same file (with a different name) called up again also adds
package size and its way less optimized. I had to duplicate each .png and make
it unique and a unique texture set in order for it to work. Literally going
against gaming optimization protocol - not sure what the train of thought was
for that here.

Figured I might as well screen capture the blender export working for me for
anyone interested. This is updating an old model by exporting from Blender.
First updated textures, then updated geometry, without restarting msfs.
Updating textures requires clicking the build button, but that’s it.

Very cool! I always close the project, reopen it, to force a ‘refresh’. This
will def. save some time.

After export from blender or whatever, open the .gltf in notepad++, add a
space, delete the space, save the file. Model refreshes.

Is there a process to make the simobjects autoreload as well?