Windshield rain 'wind speed' is not working for helicopters

Version: SU13 - 1.34.14 (Also applies to users on SU12)
Frequency: Consistently
Bug description:
The wind speed influence for helicopters is not working, the only state available is ‘small droplets’. Even at speeds exceeding 120kts there is no streaking of the rain.
Repro steps:

  • Ensure Windshield Effects setting is sufficient to show rain effects
  • Load the Cabri G2 (noted also in other native helicopters)
  • Set weather to rain and then adjust clouds to see visible rain on the windshield.
  • Fly at a fast pace (fixed wing (C172) will show streaking at 80kts so exceeding this speed proves something is wrong)

OBSERVED: Only small droplets are visible
EXPECTED: We should see the streaking state, which is correctly implemented and available via the debug but no longer visualized by the sim.

For a helicopter the rotor itself should also be taken into account, but re-enabling the wind factor would look a little nicer.

Hello @davux3,

Thanks for reporting this, it is now being reviewed.



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