Windshield Rain Wipers

Dear Asobo, Would it be possible to get an update regarding when would it be
possible to implement a windshield rain wiper mask? with more complex aircraft
now on the raise, we are getting a bigger pressure from customers to implement
this, it is a bit difficult to justify our wipers moving across the windshield
and not removing the rain. Some developers have implemented custom solutions,
but quiet frankly it doesn’t work very well in my opinion and I rather would
like to implement something supported by your team with the required
instructions and guidelines to ensure stability, performance and platform
compatibility between Xbox and PC. Thanks again for all the support with the
SDK and looking forward to what new things we will be able to implement in the
future. Kind Regards, Raul

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Hello @Simbol This is still in our backlog but we don’t have enough resources
available at the moment so it’s making slow progress… You’ll see this feature
implemented eventually, just can’t give any ETA at the moment. Regards,

Hello, any news on windscreen wipers?

too busy with MSFS 2024 to bother with finishing the current sim :frowning:

Is August 2023… so Yearly bump :slight_smile:

Please… we need this for airliners…


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push @FlyingRaccoon, please give us a response.

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nailed it LOL