World Update XV - Gaya's EFIV conflict our EFIV

Hello everyone,
The Ivalo airport we previously developed conflicts with the Ivalo airport included in the package in the new update. In previous updates, you could select and delete or load airports, but this feature is not available in this update. We are receiving e-mails from many users about this conflict. Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this?

Hello @mmsimulations

You are not the first one to have such issues.

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You want to add exclusion objects to your scenery to prevent conflicts.


Hi Sylvain,

i was a bit hesitant answering the question of OP,
because the solution of using exclusion rectangles may not apply to all vendors

When in some ipotetic future I will be accepted in the marketplace (buahaah hope my dear),
how can my mamudesign-airport-whatever be able to exclude something by microsoft-airport-whatever

If I understand correctly, the VFS will load the Official folder in lexicographic order, therefore ANY vendor coming before microsoft, even when using exclusion rectangles, won’t be able to exclude them, cause they are “under” them

The package reorder tool can be used on PC, but what about XBOX ?

so maybe proper Official content (Microsoft/Asobo/WorkingTitle and so on, if any other) shouldn’t have a special load priority (the lowest one) in order to give any vendor the same ability?