Wrong ICAO, request for correction

Currently, I’m developing two airports in Brazil, but both have the wrong ICAO codes. Feira de Santana Airport has the ICAO code SBFE, which is the old one; the current code is SDIY as per this chart: AISWEB - Informações Aeronáuticas do Brasil João Durval Carneiro (SDIY) / FEIRA DE SANTANA, BA

As for Ecides Fires Airport, with the ICAO code SSDF, it’s located at the wrong aerodrome. I’ve developed the scenario for this airport and I’m temporarily using the ICAO SSDF1 until the correction is made. Here’s the link for ICAO verification: AISWEB - Informações Aeronáuticas do Brasil

I would like the correction to be made so that I can proceed with the development of these scenarios.

Thank you,

Sérgio Rocha
EXABIT Scenarios

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I reiterate the words of developer Sergio Rocha. It is important that adjustments are made so that our flight simulator community operates with greater reliability. Remembering that Feira de Santana is one of the main cities in the State of Bahia. And Brazil is a member of ICAO, therefore the public and diligent entity in publishing aeronautical information is the Aeronautical Command through the Airspace Control Department and its portal AISWEB (https://aisweb.decea.mil.br/ ?i=aerodromos&codigo=Sdiy).