WWISE sounds missing in MSFS

Hi, I have a problem and don’t know where can find soluttion for it. I made
soundset for jet engine in wwise, but don’t know why sound are not played in
MSFS. Is there any sample full project with wwise project and *.xml file to
look what I’m doing wrong? I’ve created PS_A319.PC.pck file, in wwise PS_A319
soundbank name, event name Play_PS_A319_eng1_combustion and coded in xml file
as But nothing is doing. :frowning: Somebody can help? THX

Hello @maiusz.kalinowski9 , You can look at the DA62

and the wwise sample
This will give you a good example Regards, Boris

What version of Wwise are you using? Make sure to use this older version.
IMPORTANT! When installing Wwise, you should select 2019.2.5 Build 7349 to
install, and in the Wwise Launcher, also check the Wwise SoundSeed Air and
Wwise Convolution boxes. Both plug-ins are used in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

I’m using correct version. Sounds are playing only when I use default simvars,
“JetWhine” for “Play_Horizon_A319_eng1_jet_whine”, but this should be
additional package, not main package, so I would like to use my own Wwise
event name, ex. Play_A319IAE. And I’m coding it like but nothing happens. And
on the top in packages where file name is Horizon_A319.PC.pck. And I’m
standing before the wall right now. :confused:


I saw this movie many times, but it’s not explained mu issue for me. When I’m
doing everything from this movie it works, but I can’t use standard simvars
for “combustion” or “jetwhine” because it’s additional package not main. The
main package is Asobo_A320_Neo so when I set event=“jetwhine” it plays A320
NEO sounds, if i delete Asobo pack it works, but don’t have other cocpkit

Anybody can help with it? I can’t load sounds to sim and don’t know what I’m
doing wrong. I’ve got file name Horizon_A319.PC.PCK, in wwise I’ve got the
same Sound Bank name, event Play_Horizon_A319_IAEturb and in sound.xml I’m
coding like below: What I’m doing wrong? What can i looking for? When I’m
using standard JetWhine it works correct, but I can’t use default asobo
package and other, it doesn’t work, don’t know why.

Ok, so after few changes and read SDK documentation when I code: (…) and
in SimVarSound - mine set doesn’t work, other works when set Horizon_A319 " />
and the same in SimVarSound - mine works correct, other doesn’t work. Any
suggestions? Are these values in wwise may do some collision with Asobo and
FBW set?

Allright I think the problem is somewhere in collisions. Could someone explain
how to understand this : IMPORTANT : Every event in wwise are prefixed by
the name of the MainPackage and followed by the name described in the
WwiseEvent attributes whether it comes from the main package or from any
additional packages. So, for additional packages we recommend that you add a
signature nomenclature to your WwiseEvents attributes so there won’t be any
collision between the mainpackage or other additional packages. For example,
by adding the name of your company, if you are not the content creator of the
main package. What is example to add a signature nomenclature in my
WwiseEvents? How it should looks like?

Here the installation of the main package is shown, as in the SDK, the
description is only for the main package, how to correctly connect additional
packages is neither said nor shown nor described in the examples.

Hi @maiusz.kalinowski9 , What the doc means is that in the Wwise event
nomenclature, the code will ALWAYS look for Play_MainPackageName_MyEvent.
It doesn’t matter if you have additionnal package or not. So, if you want to
play sounds from an additionnal package called MyCustomSounds.pc.pck, and
your MainPackage is Asobo_a320_neo.pc.pck, Your event name in Wwise will be
Play_Asobo_a320_neo_MyEvent In sound.xml you must never name an event (the
WwiseEvent attribute) as an existing event. For example, if there is an
existing WwiseEvent=“JetWhine” in the EngineSoundPreset category, you’ll have
to add a CustomSuffix=“toto” to it. So the code will look for the wise event
Play_Asobo_a320_neo_Jetwhine_toto. This will avoid conflicts with Asobo
sounds. For EngineSoundPresets, you must add custom suffixes because
WwiseEvent names are hard-coded. But for a simvarsound, you can name it
anything you like. Regards, Boris

You helped of course Boris earlier. It works. Thanks again.