WwiseEvent with wave filename and speed condition

I would like to add a splash sound effect when floats hit the ground (water).
The floats have a fuselage_scrape sound type, and I want to use an external
wave file name “Splash.wav” I’ve managed to got the sound when the floats
touch the water :

But when I try to add a speed condition and stop the sound when speed is low,
I got no result. Here’s my best try (not working) :

The sound still plays at speed=0. I’m kinda stuck there…

Refer to the SDK docs here Legacy Sound

and look for the section “Ground Sounds”. It has the attributes (also for
minimum speed) documented, which might help your case. I am not 100% sure how
that would look in the end though. Using WwiseRTPC would not work with
WwiseData=false -- dga | Working Title

Refering to the docs, legacy sound can not be mixed with wwise I’m already
using a wwisedata for the plane and wavedata for additional sounds. You’re
right about the WwiseRTPC , it can’t be used in my code. But requires &
range can be, according to the docs.

Hello bagolu, As dga said and as stated
you need to set the WwiseData paramater to “true” to have your WwiseRtpc
element used. Let us know if that fixes your issue. Regards, Sylvain

No success in that. I will wait for the sim to have proper water sounds. I
hope they’ll be reusable not like on the IconA5