XBOX Keyboard usage on HTML/JS Inputs leads to unstable flight

Version: SU13 and SU14

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High

Context: XBOX, in flight.

Bug description:

When XBOX Users (Xbox-S or XBOX-X) use their wireless keyboard to introduce inputs into HMTL boxes, it produces a behaviour where the aircraft will spin out of control.

Repro steps:
Load FSR500 or any other airplane that uses EFB such as the AN225, Inibuild airbus, etc. use the inputs which are trying to capture the keyboards via the Coherent.trigger(‘FOCUS_INPUT_FIELD’, “GUID”, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, false);

Once enter is hit (via physical keyboard or virtual keyboard) and the code Coherent.trigger(‘UNFOCUS_INPUT_FIELD’, ‘’) is executed, the airplane will lose all control, spinning all over the place.

To reproduce 100% of the time in the FSR500 do the following:

Go to EFB, bring up Flight plan, import from Simbrief
Go to Weather
Go to ICAO input box
Using physical keyboard or on screen keyboard (Xbox or EFB) input airport code.
Hit enter on PK or OSK (physical keyboard or On Screen keyboard)
Result is UIF (upset in flight)

Connected devices:
Velocity One Flight controller
Xbox S controller
Mini controller keyboard.

Another way to replicate it is to start the XBOX console without the Velocity One Flight Controller or any Yoke, go and fly and plug in the controller, MSFS will send a message that a new controller is detected and when you go back to the sim, boom the airplane loses control.

This video illustrates:

This is preventing XBOX users from using the EFBs correctly for many products, including ours, so any help or solution you guys could provide would be very helpful.


This is the Keyboard they are using:


Thanks in advance for any help,



Just a short message to report hat now SU14 is released, this issue persist…


Hello @SimbolFSReborn,

I was not able to reproduce the issue on my side.
Please, could you give us some additional informations to let us investigate :

1/ Is this issue happening with every Input Field of the EFB ? Do you have the issue by using for example the Simbrief Username Field ?
2/ Is the Velocity One Flight Controller has to be connected in order to have the issue ? I tried to connect a new Xbox controller ( so I triggered the “new controller” message ) while in flight with the FSR500 but did not reproduce your issue.

Looking forward to helping you,


Hi @GentleLynx ,

Thanks for trying to replicate this. Regarding your questions:

  1. The xbox users testing informs me is it with any input field, so Simbrief Username or the weathers ICAO.

  2. It is possible the Velocity One Flight Controller could be the culprit although some customers report the same issue with other Xbox hardware when using the wireless keyboard I posted on the pictures pictures.

Let me know if you need any more information, I will make one of the users affected to do a full video on this and the inibuild A320 which suffers the same fate.


Cant it be that the issue is the same i have in my own script atm? That is that input in textfields are causing sim keybinds to trigger. And depending on the icao letter entered, this could trigger whatever the user has bound on the given key.
Maybe on xbox one has to handle this different again and has to prevent defaults in some custom approach?

No because I am holding keyboard inputs via coherent… see the first post… you can pause keyboard inputs via those coherent commands and then resume.



Hi @GentleLynx so further tests confirms the issue seems to be persistent with VF1 connected and not only isolated to FSR500.

This video is with the VF1 connected on FSR500, note now the flight goes totally uncontrolled:

This video is with the VF1 disconnected on FSR500, note how flight remains normal:

This video is on the Airbus A310 with the VF1 connected, note how flight goes totally uncontrolled:

The VF1 hardware is very popular, and it would explain why I am getting so many reports on uncontrolled flight when using the EFB in flight…

Kind Regards,

Hello @SimbolFSReborn

The issue is now logged on our side. Our input-related programmers are looking forward to understand where the issue comes from.
Thank you for all your informations and videos, it always helps us to have some more context about bug reports.




Hi Alexandre,

Thanks to you and the team for investigating this.

All the best,

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