XBOX Navigraph utilities not working anymore SU15

Version: SU15 -

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Blocker


FSR500 on Xbox, the G1000 Navigraph plugin maps and my EFB navigraphs maps don’t work anymore.

Bug description:

When using the G1000 navigraph plugin to display the maps it doesn’t work anymore, however on PC it works just fine… reverting to SU14 allows these to work properly withouth any problem.

Repro steps:
Load FSR500, link your navigraph account in the EFB Settings… then the Route maps should work… same thing with the G1000 navigraph plugin.

This video ilustrates the expected results (this on PC SU15

However on XBOX with the latest beta you end up with no maps displayed as below:

I have no idea what to do or how to debug this at all given how limited our information is on XBOX, also no idea what could have changed with the last Beta to prevent this from working… and why it would work on PC but not the console…

Any ideas? this issue is rendering very key features of the product now defunc on Xbox… it is also my understanding other airplanes are also affected, Hjet from FFX and Cirrus Jet from FFX.

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Reverting to SU14 makes everything work, so definitely something with SU15 is making this stop working…


We can confirm that our tiles hosted on AWS Cloudfront cannot be accessed under the version SU15 - on Xbox.

Our tiles are protected using AWS Cloudfront signed cookies, which are set within Coherent through the Set-Cookie headers in our API responses.

Disabling cookie authentication on our end allows the tiles to function again, indicating a regression in handling cookies on Xbox.

We are unable to conduct a more detailed analysis of the problem on our side due to the lack of debugging capabilities on Xbox. However, we are more than willing to provide an account with a subscription if necessary to facilitate the reproduction of the issue using, for example, the FSR500. Please send me a DM if this is needed.

Best regards,

Markus Hamburger
Product Design Lead @ Navigraph

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Hi everyone,

Just to let you know - this issue is being investigated.

Best regards,

Eric / Asobo


Hi Eric @EPellissier,

Did a quick test last night with the latest SU15 beta on my Xbox-X and this functionality was back in operation, I imagine the culprit was the new GDK perhaps?


Hi @SimbolFSReborn,

It could be unfair to designate the new GDK as “the culprit” but it is true that reverting to the original one fixed this issue as well as others.
We think we may have identified a potential issue in the latest GDK which we are discussing with the team that deals with such problems.
That being said, it may be that we (Asobo) do something wrong that previous GDKs tolerated but latest ones don’t anymore.
Trying to understand and fix these issues may take some time which is why we decided to revert.

Best regards,

Eric / Asobo


Thanks for the explanation @EPellissier, I wanted to provide feedback based on the tests in the hope it helps your team to determine patterns and possible causes.

If you guys need anything specific to test just let me know and if you guys need navigraph accounts for testing just tag Markus as he can help you guys with that as well.

Thanks for the hard work looking into these quirk issues as a Software engineer I know is not easy.



Was the GDK rolled back to an older version only for XBox?
Or for PC as well?

Asking just out of curiousity.

If I’m not mistaken, the GDK is an Xbox-only thing

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I had come to the same conclusion after reading a bit about GDK.

GDK is usable for both PC and XBox, isn’t it?

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