Yaw Control Scalar broken for helicopters

Version: Latest

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High

Context: all helicopters

Bug description: Inside the flight model cfg of helicopters, in the helicopter section, the yaw control scalar value is broken currently. Changing this value has no effect.

Repro steps: Set the yaw control scalar for any helicopter to 0 which should disable yaw completely (works for pitch and roll), nothing happens. Entering a high value to make it more sensitive has no effect either.


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I agree, something broke. I guess it is limited to the SU15 beta as we were tuning this recently on SU14.

I’m using

More specific repro steps:

  1. Edit the default Cabri G2 flight_model.cfg
  2. Set pedal_control_scalar = 0.01 under [HELICOPTER]. You can also set 10. Restart the sim for changes to take effect.
  3. Observe that the pedals feel identical no matter 0.1, 1 or 10. The setting seemingly has no effect. The expectation is to be able to tune the relative power of the final calculation result.

pedal_control_scalar is applicable to the modern FM per the docs: flight_model.cfg - [HELICOPTER]

And we do rely on this feature to tune our flight models as our shipping products don’t have a value of 1.0.

Hello @FlyingRaccoon sorry for the ping, but I want to be sure this issue isn’t lost given the OP’s report is correct but lacking a few specifics. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello @b1e1n7e @davux3

This parameters is not applicable when use_modern_surfaces is set to 1.
The documentation was not updated accordingly, we will fix this.

@Nocturne FYI


Hey Sylvain,
I´m not sure why this value shouldn´t be available when using the modern flight model. My understanding was that it scales the sensitivity of the pedal inputs. The roll and pitch scalars are still available with the modern flight model and they are doing the same thing, just for pitch or roll inputs. Many flight models rely on these 3 scalars, they are rarely kept at 1.

We are looking to introduce a new parameter for this.
We tend to avoid changing the scope of existing parameters to avoid any regression on existing packages.
I’ll come back to you when this has been clarified in the documentation.


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