Adjust default buildings / houses height and customize type and facades textures

In dev mode, in the same way we trace a polygon around an area to override the
default vegetation type and parameters, we could select an area around the
data drive infrastructure to adjust the:

  • Min and max of the building height (min and max could have limits based on type).
  • Building type (regional type or specific)
  • Roof type
  • Assign facades textures from materials other than default

A similar idea would be to allow a developer to “copy” a defaultbuilding from
the DevMode and be able paste it in another area.

Building height adjustment is one of the reasons I can’t port our scenery to
MSFS. I love the worldwide coverage with the data driven procedural buildings
but I hope we will be able to control these as we do with vegetation (height,
type etc). Also I just added another idea to generate procedural building by
tracing a footprint in Dev Mode: