Hey, I have created an airplane via AICreateNonATCAircraft at my Airport. When
now sending waypoints for taxi instructions to it, it will remain at the
position with the State “STATE_SIMPLE_TAXI”. Flag is set to ON_GROUND. When
removing the flag the Aircraft will jump directly to “STATE_SIMPLE_TAKEOFF”
and start stright forward. I have checked the SDK sample but was unable to
find one for an NonATCAircraft with taxi instructions to test it as well.

Update: Creating the airplane with AICreateSimulatedObject → Same issue
Creating a ground vehicle with AICreateSimulatedObject using the same code to
send waypoints → working as it should. ==> Seems to be related to

Update (used the sample AIObjectsAndWaypoints): Replace the firetruck with the
“DA62 Asobo” → it will takeoff like the 1st DA62 Asobo. Add the Ground FLAG
to the waypoints → it will remain in position

Sample is uplaoded here:!AqjmyvgAhMkBn6M4R-kwWspYSlUNmw?e=Xpk4ZE

We programming the “Enhanced Live Traffic” Mod and had the same problem. No
taxi of aircrafts if you set the “onground” flag. The planes stuck at the
position and starts to turn around the own axe. So we could only use the
positioning. This bug is really annoying… The problem is also that there
are no variable for Heading for the waypoint function. I think that taxiing
without heading will be a problem with this function.

I have an idea. Maybe you have to release the brakes. I would try, but
honestly I don’t know how to code that! I don’t know how you will set
variables to the AI objects!

@FlyingRaccoon any chance to had a look at the sample?

Yes, this has been reviewed and added to our backlog.

That’s great and make hope! Thank’s!

The same problem occurs when placing objects with a mission script. You can
kinda work around it by giving the waypoint a speed. I think you can do it
with ktsSpeed in simconnect:

sadly even with Speed it does not work in SimConnect